Protect your facility from unwanted visitors and keep your employees and inventory safe from fire damage.

We don’t require you to sign a multi-year contract to get our “best price” or hit you with hidden fees or rate hikes.  If for some reason you are unhappy with our service, you can switch to another provider with no cost from us.

With our Virtual Keypad app and web browser access, you can control your system from anywhere.  Know when your employees are coming in, turn on your lights when you are away, and be immediately notified of any alarm.

Industry leader.  Amercian made.  Dealer purchase only.  Industry Leader.  That is why Burdine Security has partnered with DMP.
We keep saying it over and over, but its true.  Our customers are our lifeblood and our number one priority and we work everyday to prove it.


Know and control who is entering your premises.

Electronic Locking
Know when your doors are locked and unlocked. With our electronic locking options, your doors will follow schedules. No longer do employees have to check to make sure doors are locked.
ID cards look professional and allow you to give access employees need without giving out keys. These ID badges allow you to easily identify employees and visitors
Know when your doors are locked or unlocked and restrict employee access to only times in which they are supposed to be on premises.  When schedules are set, doors work automatically and employees can only enter during specified times.
With access control, you always know who entered your facility and at what time. Today's systems hold large databases so you can always look back and see when everyone is coming in and where they are going.
Intercom Systems
Intercom systems allow employees to speak and see visitors before opening the door keeping your facility safe from unwanted visitors and solicitors.
Attitude is not taught, but is incredibly important to us. We fully support every system we install. Excellent customer service is our priority and we provide that service with a smile.


We service and install almost most locks and door hardware.

Locks & Deadbolts
Key Cylinders
Kick Plates, Pull/Push Plates
Door Closers
Exit Devices
Pivots & Hinges


No one wants to carry around a 50 lb. key chain.  How many keys do you have on your ring?  How nice would it be to only have one or two.  These are the things we specialize in.  We copy keys, repair doors, create master systems, re-key and install new locks and much more. Give us a call today to see how we can make securing your facility easier.