Protect Your Home

The locks on your home protect you and your family from unwanted intruders. Why buy a cheap lock from a big box store? Give your home more than a cheap plastic lock that an angry 8 year old can get through. We offer a full range of quality locks, including the always awesome Medeco Security.


Door Locks
We service all types of locks and doors in your home.  From re-keying existing locks all to one key or installing new locks, we provide those services with a smile.
Antique Locks
We still service those old skeleton key locks.  If you have older hardware in your home and need to have it refurbished or just working again, give us a call.  We still make those old keys by hand and in most cases can make replacement parts for those older locks.
Car Keys
Tired of going to dealership after dealership trying to get another key after being quoted hundreds of dollars? Try us. We copy keys for most automobiles, old and new and even offer the newer keys with the security chips.
If you have questions about securing your home, give us a call.  Estimates are always free and one of our experts will come out and assess your concerns and give recommendations.  There are no salesman, anyone who comes out is an officer of the company and receives no commission for any sale.  All estimates are in writing, so you know exactly what you are getting and how much everything costs.
Safes & Safe Repair
Don't keep your guns or valuables just sitting in your closet. Protect them with a safe. Always know that your valuables are protected from fire and burglary with one of our safes. We have partnered with the best two companies in the U.S.A and are proud to sell Gardall and American Security safes. If you already have a safe, are having issues or want a new lock or combination, we do that too!
Attitude is not taught, but is incredibly important to us. We strive for excellent customer service and provide that service with a smile.