Industry leader.  Amercian made.  Dealer purchase only.  Need we say more.  DMP continues to be a leader in home security products.
With our Virtual Keypad app and web browser access, you can control your system from anywhere.  Know when your kids are getting home, turn on your lights when you are away, and be immediately notified of any alarm.
FIre Detection
Don't just rely on those old faulty contractor smoke detectors in your home to protect your family.  We offer a full range of smoke, heat, gas and water sensors that contact the authorities in time of emergency.
We don't require contracts.  Our customers the most important thing to our company.  We let them hold our feet to the fire and ensure they always get great service.
System Integration
Smart home integration is just part of what we do.  We integrate smart home technology with your home alarm system to provide a single control interface behind trusted security.
We keep saying it over and over, but its true.  Our customers are our lifeblood and our number one priority and we work everyday to prove it.